Trrms and guidelines for using the Muslimmm App while promoting a respectful and inclusive environment:

No HATE Speech: Users are prohibited from using any language or content that promotes hate, discrimination, or hostility towards any individual or group based on their religion, ethnicity, gender, or any other characteristic.

Authentic Profiles Only: Users must create and maintain genuine profiles with accurate information about themselves. Fake profiles or impersonation are strictly prohibited.

Real Profile Photos: Every user must have a clear and appropriate photo of themselves as their profile picture. Images should accurately represent the user's appearance.

Respectful Communication: All interactions and communications within the app must be respectful, courteous, and considerate. Users should engage in conversations that promote understanding and harmony.

Cordial Behavior: Users are expected to behave in a friendly and polite manner while interacting with other members. Insults, offensive language, and disrespectful behavior are not tolerated.

Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural differences and diverse perspectives. Avoid making assumptions or generalizations about others' beliefs or backgrounds.

No Harassment: Harassing, stalking, or repeatedly bothering other users is against the app's guidelines. Respect other users' boundaries and privacy.

No Inappropriate Content: Users are not allowed to share explicit, offensive, or inappropriate content, including but not limited to explicit images, offensive memes, or offensive language.

No Solicitation or Spam: Users should not use the app for any commercial purposes, such as promoting products, services, or soliciting donations. Spamming other users with unsolicited messages is not allowed.

Positive Community Engagement: Engage with the community in a positive and meaningful manner. Share experiences, advice, and insights that contribute positively to discussions.

Reporting Violations: If a user comes across any content or behavior that violates these guidelines, they should report it to the app's moderators or administrators for appropriate action.

No Religious Insensitivity: Respect each user's religious beliefs and practices. Avoid making derogatory or insensitive comments about any religion.

Privacy and Safety: Users should not share personal information like phone numbers, addresses, or financial details in public discussions. Prioritize your privacy and safety.

Age Restrictions: Users must adhere to the app's age restrictions. Minors should not create accounts or engage in interactions that may not be appropriate for their age.

No Political Agenda: The app is focused on creating a positive and supportive environment for Muslims. Avoid engaging in political debates or discussions unrelated to the app's purpose. Remember, the aim is to foster a welcoming and respectful community where users can connect and interact in a safe and meaningful way. Any violations of these guidelines may result in the removal of the user's profile and banning from the app.


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