Muslim dating site or a Muslim matchmaking app? What’s the tea?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Muslim people do not date; they Marry”? Well, there are a lot of perspectives one can look at it. In general, Muslims consider marriage as the heart of relationships. But how does one get to that road? How do you find someone compatible with you without turning to arranged marriages?

Muslims are not as free to seek romantic relationships as their non-Muslim peers as our religion forbids emotional and physical intimacy before or outside marriage. The view is that both traits of sentiment and closeness require belief, duty, and commitment, which is what an ideal marriage is all about.

While traditional marriage approaches, such as unions arranged directly by parents or a third source, are well respected, appreciated, and even admired in some cultures in our Muslim community, modern approaches are being introduced that change how Muslims find partners.

Now, it’s not that Muslims don’t date at all. In this modern day and age, numerous people do so by meeting through schools, social media, or starting as friends. They typically refer to it as “halal dating” in Islam. However, this does not necessarily fall into the halal category as many important aspects are being overlooked. Check out our blog “Tips to Make Muslim Dating More Rewarding” to get a better idea of halal dating and keeping the principles of Islam in mind.

On the other hand, many prefer signing up to matchmaking sites with the final intention of getting married as well. These matchmaking sites have proven to be extremely effective with the promise of privacy and safety. Muslim marriage matchmakers follow Islam moral codes so the users can be assured they are on the positive path.

The Biggest Misconception: Is it a Muslim dating app or a matchmaking one? We can see how many may get confused and label Muslim matchmaking sites as dating apps. They would think of a platform that offers members of opposite genders to communicate and interact with one another, with notions of forming a deeper relationship and not just platonic measures, to facilitate dating.

Nevertheless, that is not what matchmaking sites advertise. With a free, easy-to-use, and significantly safe registration, these sites help their users find their perfect match. All information is protected from the public with no display of photos (though many sites have personalized options for picture viewing), and every signed individual is cross-checked and verified.

It can be said that Muslim matchmaking sites are developed on a few of the codes used in western dating-style apps but also possesses features to cater particularly to Muslims. For instance, many sites have a feature where users can add a “wali,” aka a guardian or chaperone, which are third-party members (they could be a family member or trusted friend), who will be able to look into the messages with consent and will be involved in the whole process including marriage dealings, all according to lawful Islamic ruling on marriage. In addition, even the smallest inappropriate behavior will be flagged, and the user will be dismissed and blocked from the site.

While people may deal with culture-sensitive factors, which will always come with online chatting, Muslim matchmaking sites will ultimately promote marriage. So it’s not encouraging dating; rather, it proves to be a platform where people can connect with the final goal of marriage. Based on courtship and Islam, how one decides to pursue someone falls on themselves, and the matchmaking site can bear no responsibility other than helping their users find a match.

In fact, many Islamic scholars have been asked about their opinion on such matchmaking marriage apps. Almost all said that they are a feasible way for Muslims of both genders to meet and are not forbidden in Islam. Instead, it’s about how the site is being utilized that decides whether it’s acceptable or inadequate, useful or futile. So it is not for everyone. Keep that in mind.

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Tips to Make Muslim Dating More Rewarding

Dating as a Muslim can be complicated for a variety of reasons. If you do not have traditional role models to look to for guidance or your Muslim community is very small, you might find dating as a Muslim very complicated. Following Muslim dating rules is important if you want to have the best experience possible.

These tips will help you to get the most out of your dating experience. They will also help you to connect with people who share your goals and beliefs. Taking the time to prepare before you start dating can make all the difference as you look for the right person to share your life with.

Tips For Muslim Dating

1. Be Old Enough and Mature Enough to Date
While there is no set age within Islam traditions for dating, being mature enough to actually date with the right goals is important. You will want to be sure that you are ready for the experience of dating and that you are not interested in dating for the wrong reasons. Spending some time in prayer can help you to evaluate your own readiness to date. You can also speak with someone older than you who you trust to give good advice if you are not sure if you are ready to date yet.

2. Date With the Intention to Find a Life Partner
Dating without the intention to commit is not a good way to go about dating in the Muslim tradition. Most of the people that you are dating will be looking for long-term partners, and you should not take advantage of them if you are not also serious.
Making your intentions clear from the beginning is important, and you need to remember that you will not have nearly as much fun dating if you are not looking for something long-term.

3. No Premarital Sex
If you are planning to have sex before marriage, you are not going to want to date within the Muslim tradition. Zina, or fornication, is forbidden to unmarried people in Muslim culture. Do not wooed by other cultures and their own views on premarital sex. You will get so much more out of the dating experience if you take this part of Muslim dating seriously.

4. Have a Chaperone
In Muslim culture, having a chaperone when you are on a date is important. This removes temptation, and it can also help to direct the relationship toward a more serious connection. Never meet alone or in a private setting to be sure that you are not going to offend any of your potential dates.

Muslim Dating Can be Very Rewarding

If you have been struggling to understand the rules of Muslim dating, you need to keep these tips in mind. You might also be having trouble meeting other Muslims, which is where MuslimMM comes in! Join us today to connect with other Muslim singles with ease. We make Muslim dating so much fun that you will wonder why you waited so long to join us!


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